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Image illustrative de M*A*S*H


The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is stuck in the middle of the Korean war. With little help from the circumstances they find themselves in, they are forced to make their own fun. Fond of practical jokes and revenge, the doctors, nurses, administrators, and soldiers often find ways of making wartime life ...

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Terminée Américaine 25 minutes
Comédie, Comedy CBS 1970

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Hot Lips and Empty Arms

Margaret revaluates her life, and decides to leave Frank and ask for a transfer, which is granted. She gets drunk at her goodbye party, but is sobered up in the shower when wounded start arriving. She changes her mind when she realises how loyal her friends are.

Diffusion originale : 15 décembre 1973

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Diffusion française : 15 décembre 1973
Réalisat.eur.rice.s : Jackie Cooper
Scénariste.s : Linda Bloodworth-Thomason , Mary Kay Place
Guest.s : Jackie Cooper , Sheila Lauritsen

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