Image illustrative de The Missing
Image illustrative de The Missing

The Missing

Lorsque son fils est kidnappé durant des vacances en France, les recherches de Tony malmènent peu à peu son mariage et détruisent sa vie...

Terminée Anglaise 60 minutes
Drame, Thriller, Crime, Drama BBC One 2014

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2006. Tony and Emily Hughes' life changes forever when their five-year-old son Oliver goes missing on a family holiday to France. A huge manhunt led by Julien Baptiste, one of France's finest detectives, is launched. The French police face an uphill struggle in their mission to find the young boy - Oliver seems to have disappeared into thin air. Tony and Emily are in a foreign land - they do not speak the language and do not understand the rules. As their desperation and the profile of the case grows, Tony and Emily find themselves thrown into a media maelstrom, learning the hard way that not everyone they meet is willing to operate in their best interests. Present day. Eight years on from Oliver's disappearance, the fallout has resulted in the end of Tony and Emily's marriage. Tony refuses to believe that Oliver is dead and doggedly continues his search to find his son. After years of searching, Tony is given new hope when a shred of evidence emerges. This reignites the interest of Julien Baptiste, the lead French detective at the time of the disappearance, who returns to Chalons Du Bois to try and finally get to the bottom of what happened to Oliver Hughes.

Diffusion originale : 28 octobre 2014

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Diffusion française : 28 octobre 2014
Réalisat.eur.rice.s : Tom Shankland
Scénariste.s : Harry Williams , Jack Williams
Guest.s :

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Avatar vicmckay vicmckay
Avis favorable Déposé le 04 novembre 2014 à 11:50

Un premier épisode vraiment prenant avec une superbe interprétation de Nesbit. Hâte de voir la suite.


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