Image illustrative de The Missing
Image illustrative de The Missing

The Missing

Lorsque son fils est kidnappé durant des vacances en France, les recherches de Tony malmènent peu à peu son mariage et détruisent sa vie...

Terminée Anglaise 60 minutes
Drame, Thriller, Crime, Drama BBC One 2014

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Pray for Me

2006: Three days since Oliver's disappearance, and with little information to go on, suspicion immediately falls on a known paedophile living in the area. With police protocol keeping Tony and Emily firmly in the dark, Tony is tempted when ambitious journalist, Malik Suri, comes forward with illegally obtained information on the suspect in custody. Then the suspect is released with a seemingly concrete alibi. A generous benefactor reaches out to Tony and Emily when they are at their lowest ebb, offering a financial reward for anyone coming forward with information relating to Oliver's disappearance. Present day: Tony's attempt to reopen the investigation gathers momentum as he and Julien finally find the first bit of solid evidence. While Tony continues on his mission to find out the truth about what exactly happened to his son, both Emily and Julien have to deal with problems in their own lives.

Diffusion originale : 04 novembre 2014

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Diffusion française : 04 novembre 2014
Réalisat.eur.rice.s : Tom Shankland
Scénariste.s : Harry Williams , Jack Williams
Guest.s :

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