Image illustrative de Top of the Lake
Image illustrative de Top of the Lake

Top of the Lake

Top of The Lake explore les enquêtes de la détective Robin Griffin, spécialisée dans les crimes et les agressions sexuelles. Des enquêtes délicates qui l'amènent sans cesse à tester ses limites et ses propres émotions.

Terminée Anglaise 45 minutes
Drame, Policier, Crime, Drama, Suspense Sundance Channel, BBC Two 2013

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Episode 5

Despite a troubled past relationship and a dark secret that bonds them, Robin and Johnno are growing closer than ever. Robin’s mother warns her against dating him but refuses to explain why. Robin can only assume it stems from fear of his father, Matt, who is busy sending thugs into the bush to find Tui. Robin and Johnno follow the hunters and discover evidence that sends shockwaves through the investigation. Robin returns home buoyed at last by a new optimism, but she is greeted by heart-breaking news. Meanwhile, Tui’s mute friend is found stealing under suspicious circumstances. After being arrested and interrogated, his bizarre behavior causes another ripple in the investigation.

Diffusion originale : 08 avril 2013

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Diffusion française : 08 avril 2013
Réalisat.eur.rice.s : Garth Davis , Jane Campion
Scénariste.s : Gerard Lee , Jane Campion
Guest.s :

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