Image illustrative de Top of the Lake
Image illustrative de Top of the Lake

Top of the Lake

Top of The Lake explore les enquêtes de la détective Robin Griffin, spécialisée dans les crimes et les agressions sexuelles. Des enquêtes délicates qui l'amènent sans cesse à tester ses limites et ses propres émotions.

Terminée Anglaise 57 minutes
Drame, Policier, Crime, Drama, Suspense Sundance Channel, BBC Two 2013

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Image illustrative de l'épisode 1.06 - No Goodbyes Thanks

No Goodbyes Thanks

Robin is convinced that Matt and his illicit operations must be connected to Tui’s disappearance. She tries to question the women who work for Matt but they refuse to cooperate. That evening Robin gets a near-lethal warning to stop snooping. A group of Tui’s friends plan a secret trip that implicates the girl’s whereabouts. As they return, some of Matt’s thugs intercept them. With fresh intelligence, Matt launches a full-scale search party consisting of armed associates. Robin and Johnno go in after them, but tragedy strikes before they can help. In response, the town begins to turn against Matt. Some of the women who earlier rebuffed Robin may now have reason to testify. Matt says he is ready to give a confession, but he will only give it to Robin alone.

Diffusion originale : 17 août 2013

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Diffusion française : 17 août 2013
Réalisat.eur.rice.s : Garth Davis , Jane Campion
Scénariste.s : Gerard Lee , Jane Campion
Guest.s :

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